Tonight is the two-and-a-half hour series finale of Lost (these guys know what I'm talking about). We're sure that all your questions about the Man in Black, Walt, island pregnancies, Egyptian statues, the Dharma Initiative, the sideways world, and Driveshaft's mythical third album (the prog-rock concept album) will be fully illuminated and answered...but just in case, there's always drinking games! Holy Taco has a particularly good one—sip 5x whenever Hurley says "dude," chug 2x is Claire says "baby," etc (see it after the jump).

Or you could enter your own personal Room 23 and watch cats re-enact Lost here ('cause cats can equal symbolism).

From Holy Taco; the numbers along the side are the numbers of times you should drink, and the types of drinks you should have are at the bottom