We all have a great time in New York City, walkin' here and eating plenty of our famous slices, but a lot of city residents harbor secret dreams of throwing it all away to go live on a farm. Hell if I know why, I mean I'm requesting my body be thrown off an East River bridge when I die. But if you're one of those secret Farm People and you want some training wheels, take a gander at this SoHo apartment that comes with a barn on the roof. Maybe it can give you a little preview of what it would be like to have a barn, on your farm.

Well, let me maybe walk back that "preview" part a little bit. I mean, no one, least of all me, is suggesting that buying a $2.6 million apartment in Manhattan will come close to simulating what it might be like to live on some property that features a real life barn that would be populated by spiders and owls and escaped convicts looking for a place to lie low for a few hours. But this apartment is definitely $2.6 million and it definitely has a barn and a silo on the roof.

Why does it have those things? For whimsy, essentially. And I'm not talking a bunch of affected hipster whimsy that everyone gets mad about, this whimsy dates all the way back to 1983, back when New York was New York and Ed Koch used to play bass with the Dead Boys at CBGB. Back then, the Times wrote that the barn and matching silo "provide a sense of soaring space" for the apartment due to their large windows.

For $2.6 million, you're only getting a single bedroom, which doesn't seem very fair to me, but what do I know about real estate? Nothing to be honest. For anyone who's interested, there's an open house on Sunday. AND the real estate agents who are representing the sellers told Gothamist that if you're transfixed by the sweet Captain America painting in the living room, they "could always arrange something if a buyer really wanted it!"

Also, I would live in the silo if you want a wacky silo neighbor to keep things interesting out on the farm. Things get boring real fast in the country. I think?