via sverdure's instagram

While some native New Yorkers have never even seen an "I Voted" sticker during their voting lifetimes, they have existed. There seem to be people out there who did get an "I Voted" sticker today... and not the one included in this morning's AMNY, either. The following were all presumably acquired at New York City polling places (though it's possible some of these people made or purchased their own):

Some longtime New Yorkers tell us the NYC "I Voted" sticker is a myth, others tell us they saw them at polling places years and years ago, and less frequently since then. We're trying to definitively confirm if the NYC voting sticker exists or not, but in the meantime: [UPDATE: THEY EXIST!] Did you get a sticker today? Let us know where in the comments.

And, PSSST: for those companies offering free goods for showing your "I Voted" sticker... you may want to alter your offer so it's less illegal.