Darn - if only we had gone to Uniqlo a couple hours earlier yesterday. We would have seen Mayor Bloomberg join Uniqlo founder (and CEO of parent company Fast Retailing) CEO Tadashi Yanai and Uniqlo USA president Nobuo Domae (we think) in the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Soho store. Yanai said, "Not only is New York City the international fashion capital of the world, but it is also where the original idea for Uniqlo came to me while visiting as a young man in the late 1960's." No word on if the Mayor bought anything.

Our commenters had some thoughts about the store yesterday. And taking a page out of the Fifth Avenue Apple Store opening handbook, the Uniqlo website has time lapse pictures of the store from yesterday. You can't stop the images to see them (and to see if you are there), but still it's fun.

In other Bloomberg news, he noted that having the Democrats in control of Congress will help out New York. But they better act upon their words. Bloomberg told reporters, "So now it's up to them to bring home the bacon. They always talk about, 'We should do this, we should do that, Washington should do some things.' Once you get the power, you've got to go and do that."