Ladies of NYC: Jack Dickenson wants to have a word with you.

Jack's a regular contributor to the Daily News' Voice of the People section, and he's got a lot of learned thoughts that he'd like to share with you. Topics on which Jack has Strong Feelings include but are not limited to: President Obama (No one hates him more), Joe Lhota (a moron and a snake) and cyclists/pedestrians ("I’d like to point out how flagrantly dishonest the anti-bike crowd is.")

But never before (that I can find) has Jack delved into the murky waters of dating—until now. Pay attention, LADIES, before you're condemned to pass the entire winter shivering alone on your sofa, cold and Jack-less. He's no player, and he didn't write this week's Voice of the People entry for himself. He wrote it for you.

Brooklyn: I’m told every day I’m good looking, and lots of women smile at me around NYC and make eye contact a little too long, but women should know that’s not going to make me ask them out, nor get me to make small talk. I’m a good guy, and we good guys will rarely ask a woman out, because we are sensitive to the cliches of women being sexually harassed or hit on all the time. When a man asks a woman out, he’s usually a player, which she finds out much too late. Ladies, if you are attracted to a man, you have to get some courage up and be direct and ask him out or such. Or you could keep doing what you’re doing: spending your life alone. Millions of good guys are out there who will never ask you out, but would in a different society. All these lonely, single people, simply because women don’t have the guts to take charge. Jack

All these lonely, single people, simply because women don't have the guts to take charge.


Hat Tip Will Menaker!