The Gin Blossoms have embarked on a tour for... some reason. Why not? Sometimes they play shows, it's just what musicians do, even if they don't have a new album to promote or a Mark McGrath Cruise Ship to rock. And this Thursday, November 21st they're playing Stage 48 in Manhattan, with all proceeds going to the Philippine Red Cross relief efforts for victims and survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. At press time it's unclear if Gin Blossoms were ever called The Nice Guys Of Nostalgia Rock, but we're going with it.

"Gin Blossoms would like to encourage their friends and fans to make a monetary donation—'Any amount our fans and friends can afford will offer much relief to affected families fast,' says Robin. 'We performed in Manila less than a month ago. It's so tragic that this has affected so many of those wonderful people,' says Jesse. The Philippine Red Cross have localized on-the-ground networks and knowledge of local communities and their needs. As a result, they are often best positioned to extend the supply chain of relief to the hardest hit local communities quickly and accurately."

So, if you ever wanted to hear their best song (not "Hey Jealousy") live, do it this Thursday.