Yesterday a cat found itself in a precarious position after chasing some pigeons, ending up on a narrow ledge on the side of the Manhattan Bridge, high above the cobblestone streets of DUMBO. This is Lisa Simpson reporting live from DUMBO for Kidz News. We have not spotted the cat this morning, but one office worker in the area saw the fearless feline as he creeped along the ledge yesterday evening—he tells us how the scene unfurled.

Everyone working at 55 Washington Street in DUMBO just spent the last 30 minutes cheering for this guy. He was on the south side of the archway and got stuck while chasing pigeons. He is the most stone cold living creature I have ever witnessed. He made it off safely.

He chased a pigeon out there, and when the pigeon flew off, he kind of looked around and had an "oh shit" realization. He paced back and forth the entire length of the archway for a long time before he figured it out.


Where did he go? Our tipster explains that "he made it to safety on the under-hanging portion of the bridge where maintenance is done, not on the upper portion where there is traffic." This is a photo of the other side of the bridge, but the highlighted section is where we believe the cat ended up.


We have reached out to the DoT about possibly rescuing the cat, and they are currently checking to see what they can do. Stay tuned...