2007_03_stuffedanimals.jpgThere's a funny article in the NY Times House & Garden section about apartment decor as relationship dealbreakers. Here are some of the examples:

- "sheets with intergalactic battles or pink hippopotami or the Beatles"
- Stuffed animals
- A grown man's room looking "like a teenager's room. The computer was up there and the twin bed, his clothes were all over the floor."
- Overhead lighting
- Waterless bong, lots of $750 shoes but unrenovated digs
- Prints of Klimt's "The Kiss" or Doisneau's couple kissing
- The apartment being too nice
- Bed stands with bitten nails
- Stuffed baby seal, Sonic the Hedgehog figurines, and Legos (in the apartment of a 46-year-old man)

Sure, a lot of that stuff is weird, but what about when someone you date doesn't have a TV? Or a computer? Or too much technology and electronics? There's a fine line between deliberately kitschy/retro and just being crazy, too. Oh, and we'd add the poster of Audrey Hepburn looking in the window from Breakfast at Tiffany's to the list.

Have you dumped someone after seeing their apartment? And earlier this year, we wondered if your pet could be a relationship dealbreaker. But in the Times story, a man ended up marrying a lady with a rabbit running around the apartment, so you never know.

Dealbreaker-worthy? Stuffed animals AND a cat lounging on a bed