Did you get through SantaCon 2013 without being puked on and/or puking? Then you did a whole lot better than some people did! But SantaCon was by all accounts less vomitorious than it has been in years past, and that's due in party to the NYPD harshing those Christmas vibes: “They are ruining Santa Con. They are ruining our fun...The cops should be here, but not to bust our balls,” Anthony Perugini, a 28-year-old teacher, told the Post. “That’s not cool. That’s wrong, man!”

In response to complaints about the annual booze binge, the NYPD stepped up their presence on the Lower East Side yesterday, stationing along the pub crawl for the first time—they gave out at least 10 summonses by early morning. “You can’t have a good time when the cops are hovering over you,” 23-year-old medical assistant Ashley Urciuoli said.

As a result, the videos coming out from yesterday are slightly less debaucherous than they were last year. But there are still plenty of obnoxious bros screaming and chugging from bottles of Goldschlager, enough to remind you what the true spirit of SantaCon is all about.

Mind you, there were plenty reports of SantaConflict throughout the city, so sit tight. This isn't The End.

Update: Speaking of which, here's a brawl featuring six Santas wailing on some non-besuited bystanders: