It may still feel far off, but be warmed by the fact that it's nearly outdoor summer movie season—even though it means you'll be packing into public spaces with hordes of other New Yorkers even though you can just watch that movie at home in peace (and air conditioning).

The Intrepid Summer Movie Series is a nice option, and arguably the most unique of the outdoor summer movie venues. Today they announced their lineup, which kicks off with Top Gun... again. Though maybe they'll have a volleyball expert on hand this time around? "Each film will be introduced by a special guest speaker who can provide unique insight into that evening’s selection," according to the press release.

Here's what else you'll be able to see (for free!) on the historic aircraft carrier's huge inflatable screen this year:

Friday, May 27th: Top Gun
Thursday, July 7th: Star Trek (2009)
Thursday, July 14th: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Thursday, July 21st: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan
Friday, July 29th: Galaxy Quest
Friday, August 5th: Iron Giant

Since there's no grass on the flight deck, members of the public are invited to bring lawn chairs and blankets (and picnic baskets!).