Brooklynite (and former reality television star) Simon Van Kempen has alerted us to a recent rate hike affecting Time Warner Cable customers. Was your bill $9 more last month? Go check, we'll wait.

If you've noticed an increase, here's what's going on. Van Kempen explains:

"I checked the statement and discovered that my 'free' subscription to EPIX—a movie streaming service I didn't know I had (nor wanted), was converted to a paid subscription as of June 18, 2014. Accordingly the $4.99 monthly charge going forward as well as a pro-rated charge $3.22 for last month have been added to my bill. Sorry, Time Warner and Epix but that's a sneaky, crafty, and dishonest way to run a business. But why am I not surprised?"

EPIX posted on their website that their "complimentary trial is available to Time Warner Cable Digital Basic and Preferred TV Customers in select areas from March 18th through June 18th 2014 with absolutely no strings attached," claiming the service would be automatically removed after the free three-month trial. Except it wasn't for Van Kempen, and at least one Gothamist staffer who subscribes to Time Warner's cable service.

We contacted TWC about this, and will update when we hear back. Meanwhile, here's why your internet bill isn't going to get cheaper any time soon.

UPDATE: Time Warner tells us "the customer ordered Epix via remote control a month after the complimentary preview ended," and they have credited the account. However, this seems to have also happened to a few others we've heard from.