Last month we were intrigued by the possibility of seeing a Delorean converted to Back to the Future riding around the present day streets of NYC—and now the Redditor that had the hot tip is back with details, noting:

"You'll be able to see the Delorean in front of the Roseland Ballroom, at 52nd and 8th, this Friday, June 29th, from about 4:30pm to 9 or 10pm."

You will not be able to drive around in the time machine, nor will it take you to 1955 or the Old West, but this is a good photo opp. So strap on your $3,500 Nikes, grab your Hoverboard, and set your Instagram filter to 1985.

Note: the car isn't the exact one from the movie, however the owners made "all the conversions from the movie, some of it actual props used in the films."