How to ruin a pickpocket's day, How to spy on Commies in the Civil Defense Skywatch Program, and How to help NATO prevent WWIII, were just some of the old PSAs that the MTA ran gratis back in the day. They were also all a part of this past weekend's nostalgia bus fest, but you can find them around the Transit Museum on any given day.

Another PSA was from the MTA itself, and read, in part: "Felt O.K. riding the bus... all started when I began driving downtown everyday... cars... more cars... cars everywhere." A psychiatrist then tells this wary commuter that he's got "traffic jitters and parking frustration complex," and riding the bus will help the man to be relaxed and feel more secure. Wheeeeee!

So it's not surprising that the ads that ran alongside all this stress and Red Scare fearmongering was more centered on escaping it all. Like with a trip to Jones Beach. Like with a whiskey. Like with a woman (who, by the way, probably prefers you in a hat).

Meanwhile, the subway cars were filled with etiquette ads back in the day, including one from bygone etiquette mascot: Etti-Cat.