One of the more special New York City experiences can be found at the American Museum of Natural History, where a few years ago they expanded their sleepover events to adults. The idea of wandering around the historic museum at night—at times in the dark with a flashlight, while drinking wine—and then sleeping over under the giant blue whale, was predictably a success. The museum hosted their latest adult sleepover in June, but there are more coming up later this year.

On August 11th and October 13th, they'll open up their cots again, and tickets are still on sale (they cost $350/per person, or $300 if you're a member). Here's what you'll get if you attend: that aforementioned cot, a buffet dinner with wine and beer, an evening snack, a breakfast snack, live music, and access to special exhibits (including flashlight tours and a live animal experience!). The real reason to go, however, is that it's just really cool to be in the AMNH at night, and to wake up there in morning. You'll also be allowed to take as many photos as you want so you can make your friends jealous on Instagram (don't worry, there are charging stations in their special Lunar Lounge).

"You could grab plastic cups to fill up and take on the tours with you... pretty fun wandering an empty museum with a cup of wine in hand, [and] there was something really exhilarating about the late night tour," photographer Sai Mokhtari, who attended in June, told us. "The lights went out around 2 a.m. and we continued to wander around with flashlights. I asked the tour guide how late he would go and he said 'until I see people falling asleep.'"