"Insufficient fare," the turnstile gratingly whispers at you with its timid lights, as you quietly absorb the fact that you've now got an extra obstacle to get through before you get on the train. In your mind there's a resounding scream that can't escape: "Not TODAY!" Tears start to well up. Is this the final straw? Enigma's "Return To Innocence" begins to quiet the weeping screams in your head. You accept your fate, because you knew it was coming all along. If not the insufficient fare, something else. There's always something else.

The second you enter the subway it's a path to defeat, more often than a route to success. Anything can and will go wrong, especially if you're hoping to meet up with that fickle lover, the G train. Below, Audrey Stanfield has brought your feelings about all of this to video.

[via Brokelyn]