Earlier this week in Sunset Park, artist Sebastian Errazuriz invited the general public to smash open his giant golden calf piñata stuffed with 1,000 dollar bills. Volunteers took turns swatting the papier mâché metaphor with sticks until it finally broke up, at which point everyone calmly collected the falling dollar bills in a perfectly orderly and civilized manner:

Giant Golden Calf Pinata from Gothamist on Vimeo.

"The piece hints at the Capital system as an idol that we have worshiped for decades and is unfortunately proving to be false," explains Errazuriz, who created the "cash cow" as part of this year’s NYCxDesign Festival. "There’s an urgent need for corrections to the Capital system that can offer a more fair redistribution of wealth."

Remember when America was circling the drain in a late-capitalist death spiral, then an artist created a golden piñata stuffed with dollar bills that caused a mass uprising against the machinery of income inequality?