Blame Etsy or Brooklyn or high school biology teachers or just our own morbid curiosities, but dead animals are everywhere. They're in our museums. They're in our flea markets. They're on our restaurant walls. They're on the shelf in your girlfriend's bedroom. But how does that taxidermy sausage get made? You'll need a strong stomach and about five hours to Weekend At Bernie's a tiny mouse.

(Photo by Amy Finkel/Gothamist)

Photographer (and documentarian) Amy Finkel recently dropped by a class hosted by Amber at Hoardaculture, returning with these photos. She noted, "I cut out the ones that were way way too gross"... but do not look at these before lunch.

If you want to try it out yourself, you'll need to block out some time this Sunday, and drop about $120. The class takes place in the back of a really gorgeous flower shop, so you'll also be surrounded by LIFE. Here's our primer on attending a taxidermy class, which you may want to check out first.