Sherlock is #1

Despite ripping Buffy the Vampire Slayer away from me without considering FOR A SECOND how difficult life is without Spike on demand [Editor's note: the entire series is on Hulu], Netflix still facilitates the best television show binges. Everyone has their own preferred style—I could not do a single thing other than watch Friends for four months, while others manage to peel away from Cheers and Master of None to "eat" and "sleep" and "go to work." Anyway, some researchers used Google Trends to figure out what the most-binged Netflix shows in the world are, and the results will... well, maybe they'll surprise you?

According to, the most-binged series in the world is Sherlock, which, for those of you who haven't watched every episode at least four times, is very good. #2 is Friends, a series I believe has been bewitched to trap you inside its faux-NYC orbit until you start dreaming of its laugh track and telling your coworkers they're "definitely Season 10 Ross."

Netflix original series Narcos came in third, followed by House of Cards. New Girl rounded out the list at #5, which, eh, fine. No one said the world has good taste.

The HSI team also compiled a more interesting list featuring each country's favorite Netflix show. In Russia, they're watching Arrow; the misguided folks in Czechia seem to enjoy The Big Bang Theory; in El Salvador they're watching American Horror Story; Romania, home to Transylvania, is into The Vampire Diaries, and Turkey's watching The Tudors.

Meanwhile, Germans are binging House of Cards, probably to study up.