In 2014 we began documenting New York City neighborhoods in the few hours that most of them become temporarily abandoned—the pre-dawn hours, when things appear a little more dystopian.

Most recently, photographer Gretchen Robinette visited Coney Island just before sunrise on a warm August morning, in the hours before a big storm hit, from around 4:45 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. While most areas were eerily quiet and desolate, Robinette found a few people just starting and ending their days on the beach.

The normally crowded boardwalk area was empty, but Robinette reported back that "there were surprisingly quite a few people on the beach. Some were fishing or walking along the shore, one was asleep in the sand... others, looking as if they were starting their day, enjoying the silence or a swim."

Check out a quiet Coney Island above, and for more from this series, click here.