Over the weekend, the first Summer Streets of 2018 took place, shutting down 7 miles of roadway to automobiles and creating an oasis for cyclists and pedestrians.

While it was really more like Bummer Streets for a few hours on Saturday morning, as heavy rain hit the city, things cleared up and the biking, scooting, running, and strolling in the middle of the avenue commenced (albeit with a lot fewer people than usual).

This year it seems as Summer Streets have scaled back a bit on the rest stop activities (there’s no water slide for example, nor giant dishwasher), letting the pure joy of a carless cityscape star as the main attraction. That said, the zipline at Foley Square was certainly popular, and there were live performers, brand-sponsored giveaways, and bike-safety and advocacy groups along the route, from the Brooklyn Bridge to 72nd Street.

Summer Streets will run on the next two Saturdays as well, August 11th and 18th, between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. Below is the route, and list of rest stops, courtesy of the DoT:


  • Centre Street between Brooklyn Bridge exit and Reade Street
  • Lafayette Street between Reade Street and East 10th Street
  • Cooper Square between Astor Place and 4th Avenue
  • 4th Avenue between Astor Place and East 15th Street
  • Union Square East between East 15th Street and East 17th Street
  • Park Avenue South between East 17th Street and East 32nd Street
  • Park Avenue between East 32nd Street and East 72nd Street
    (Including the viaduct between East 40th Street and East 46th Street)
  • East 72nd Street between Park Avenue and 5th Avenue

Rest Stops

  • Centre Street between Reade Street and Worth Street
  • Cleveland Place between Kenmare Street and Spring Street
  • Kenmare Street between Lafayette Street and Mulberry Street
  • Astor Place between Broadway and 4th Avenue
  • East 8th Street between Broadway and 3rd Avenue
  • East 24th Street between Madison Avenue and Lexington Avenue
  • East 25th Street between Madison Avenue and Lexington Avenue
  • East 51st Street between Madison Avenue and Lexington Avenue
  • East 52nd Street between Madison Avenue and Lexington Avenue