Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are selling their marriage chamber in Tribeca's River Lofts Tower on Washington Street. Which means they are never, ever getting back together, but that $14.25 million asking price should get them through this difficult separation with their piece of real estate. The former couple purchased the home in 2007 for just $5.1 million, and while a $9.15 million mark-up may seem like a lot, their design team did add "fuzzy nap zones."

Are you wondering what a $14.5 million three-bedroom apartment looks like? Or a "fuzzy nap zone"? Us too, but Curbed only tracked down a floorplan so we only have our imagination.

Just turn on some Coldplay, close your eyes, and picture an all-white Tribeca home with country strong wood paneling—three bedrooms, a living room, a library, a walk-in closet for crying inside of. Now you're in the eat-in kitchen, with items you've seen in Goop. An Automatic Nut Milk Maker. Perfect circles of green juice spilled on the counter top. So many knives. What's that smell? A chicken roasting in the oven. Free-range. Always.

"Fix You" is lingering in the air, courtesy of Sonos. There's a balcony, and there's Gwyneth, wrapped in a San Pedro throw, smoking her one cigarette of the day. This could be you, for $14.25 million.