The latest Kurt Cobain documentary, titled Montage of Heck, comes from Brett Morgan, and is being declared the first "authorized" one of its kind. It screened at Sundance Film Festival this year, where director Brett Morgan explained Dave Grohl's absence from the film.

Yes, the most definitive Cobain doc is missing a major player in its subject's life, and Morgan says that's because Grohl's interviews were done so late that they didn't make the cut.

While Grohl's material may make future cuts of the doc, they won't be in the version that's airing on HBO this May. What you will get are interviews with Courtney Love and Frances Bean (who is also the executive producer of the film), as well as Krist Novoselic and Cobain's parents. The trailer has now been released, and features some pretty heartstring-tugging footage of Cobain as a toddler—this is all from never-before-seen footage the family has allowed Morgan to use.

The trailer looks pretty fantastic... and it will certainly be the least tabloid-y doc we've seen to date.