Lindsay Lohan went to the Justin Bieber concert at Madison Square Garden last night, but her evening went totally sideways when she was arrested for allegedly assaulting a fellow club-goer. And it was allegedly over the attention of a singer in some boy band that opened for Bieber at the Garden! Lilo would have been a lot better off if she just hung out with Trey.

Tiffany Eve Mitchell apparently pointed out Lohan as her attacker at Avenue, a typically hellish Chelsea nightclub. According to the Post, Mitchell, her husband and friends were in the club when a fight broke out between two other women. Mitchell and Lohan bumped into each other and "words were exchanged."

The argument might have also been unwittingly caused by Max George, of the band The Wanted. TMZ reports, "Lindsay has been scoping Max out for the last few days... Sources say Lindsay tried to get backstage after the concert to see him—but she was blocked. Fast forward to later that evening when Lindsay met up with Max, Jay and Tom at a hotel bar. The four of them—along with one of LiLo's friends—then went to the club Avenue together. As the evening wore on, we're told Lindsay got drunker and drunker ... and it turned Max off. He then started talking to another woman, which enraged Lindsay. That woman is the one Lindsay is accused of battering. (FYI -- Max was also really drunk)."

Celebrities' lives are so confusing and banal! The Daily News reports, "LiLo and her posse slipped out the club’s back door and into an alley leading to 17th St. in a bid to dodge police — only to have her bruised victim, Tiffany Ava Mitchell, identify the fleeing starlet to cops, sources told the Daily News."

Lohan, 26, was charged with third degree misdemeanor assault and issued a desk appearance ticket. She left the 10th Precinct with a coat over her head. Her assistant told the Post, "It's become a pastime to use her name and fame and blame things on her," but a man who was with Mitchell, who also went to the 10th Precinct, said, "Lindsay Lohan got drunk and went crazy."

This gave Lohan's father Michael Lohan a sliver of the spotlight—he told Radar, "Both [his ex-wife Dina] and Lindsay are in a dark place. I told you exactly what would happen and you know I was trying to get Dina on board with me for a long time, but especially the last two weeks." To which Dina Lohan said, "Before you go to the press a minute after our daughter's headlines hits the airwaves, take a pause Michael, stop injecting yourself into every story, as this once again proves to your daughter, your sole desperate agenda is in keeping yourself relevant." Keep himself relevant?