Yesterday we sought diversion from the madness of May Day by admiring the dancing skills of swimsuit model Kate Upton, who demonstrated the complicated "Cat Daddy" dance for photographer Terry Richardson's video camera. It kept us off the streets, okay? But apparently Upton's innocent gyrating was too much for YouTube, which went all Footloose and removed the video for violating the site's "policy on nudity or sexual content." Enter Vimeo, to remind us all that there's still some things Google doesn't own, such as a free-spirited young artist's passion for interpretive dance:

Kate Upton- Cat Daddy from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

But wait, this afternoon YouTube came to its freaking senses and put the video BACK online! Now, a skeptic might say that fact renders this blog post unnecessary. But a skeptic already clicked on it, and no, you will never get that click refunded. Also, has a skeptic ever watched TWO videos of Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy dance SIMULTANEOUSLY? Because we have, and they're spectacular.

Yeah, it's a living.