The commercial promises swimming pools, tennis courts, and nearby schools and shops.

What is now called Spring Creek Towers, "the country’s largest federally subsidized housing complex," started out as (and is still better known as) Starrett City. There are 5,881 apartment units in 46 buildings in the complex, which opened up in 1974 (the name was changed in 2002) in the Canarsie/East New York area.

Over time there have been some ups and downs, and in 2008 Starrett City Associates reached an agreement with Federal, State and City officials on a sale process that ensured the property—which was developed under the Mitchell-Lama Housing Program—would remain affordable if a new owner took over. However, some say the rent has been increasing and the management and conditions have been lacking.

But let's look back at the expansive property, which originally spanned 153 acres, when it first opened its doors. Below is a commercial from 1979, where the narrator/tour guide declares, "In the past year over 1,000 people have made the smart move to Starrett City, it's almost sold out." One resident touts the large rooms and parquet floors, and then there's the utility sell: "Everything is included in the rent—gas, electricity, and air conditioning. You get the most for your money."