Katie Sokoler/Gothamist

On December 22nd—which you may know as the day aliens finally colonize earth, if the world hasn't ended—we'll be hosting the final Brooklyn Night Bazaar in Williamsburg, along with Dan Durr. For reasons of vital national security, we can't tell you about the super secret headliner until 12 a.m. the morning of the show (you're gonna love her/him/them/it, promise!)... but we can tell you the openers RIGHT NOW. Just scroll down for a look at the opening lineup.

And note: along with all the live music, food, drink, and vendors, there will also be downtime music provided by DJ Mikey Palms (Chances With Wolves). As always, the event takes place from 6 p.m. to midnight (avoid the line by getting there EARLY), at 45 North 5th Street in Williamsburg, and it's FREE.

TINY VICTORIES: NPR says this band's songs are "full of smart, catchy electro-pop hooks with subversive production details to keep listeners guessing. There's real depth to Greg Walter's voice, as well as a natural, organic feel to the music."

DAN FRIEL (ex-Parts and Labor) creates sounds that have been described as "strange" and "wonderful," and Pitchfork gets specific, calling his music "a heaving mass of static beats, monolithic distortion, and bending, diving tones."

DEAD STARS "play melodic alt-rock and shoegaze straight from the early-‘90s," says Fuse... so obviously we love them.

SCREAMIN' REBEL ANGELS features a feisty redhead (Laura Rebel Angel) who is described as the product of what would happen "if Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Ruth Brown had a baby raised by Wanda Jackson in a John Waters film, that hell kitten would be Laura Rebel Angel."

See you there?