The highly-anticipated Hulu series The Handmaid's Tale, based on the novel by Margaret Atwood, won't hit the streaming platform until April 26th... and at the rate we're going, we could be living this dystopian nightmare by then. Certain scenes in the first episode feel eerily close to where Trump's administration is steering this flaming car. In one scene, a gay man and a doctor who gives abortions are publicly hung with bags over their head featuring the symbol of their "crime."

You'll get a glimpse of this in Hulu's first Super Bowl ad (their first for an original production) aimed at "spotlighting the series" (which was produced by MGM Television), AdWeek reports, which "could finally bring the streaming service the same critical acclaim enjoyed by its competitors, Netflix and Amazon."

Here it is, a fictional look at what would happen if the U.S. government were overthrown by a fundamentalist theocracy that enslaved women and stripped away everything that America once stood for. Enjoy!