The MTA doesn't have any rules explicitly prohibiting you from lugging your sleek motorized scooter on the subway, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind when subway scooting. First, it is against the rules to actually drive your scooter inside the subway car or along a train platform, no matter how rad it looks when you pop a wheelie on the F. Play it cool, preferably on the weekend when the trains are typically less crowded, and be sure to straddle your scooter wearing a shiny silver helmet and fly shades. Use the kickstand. And if you're wearing a backpack, remember to one-strap it. Nice.

Tipster Gary Wayne Farris tells us he snapped this photo on the E train Sunday morning, and that the scooter driver left the train at 34th Street Penn Station, where we're guessing he rolled over to NJ Transit and spent the rest of his Sunday demonstrating proper mass transit scooter etiquette for thousands of New Jersey commuters. Cool scooter hero, we salute you.