One John Street, glowing in the sunset.

DUMBO continues to be DUMBO, with more luxury condos going up every day, and the latest is being built One John Street, where goats may or may not haunt the grounds. It sits right on top of the East River—diving distance, even!—and very close to a scenic field of Con Ed crap. The area became insanely flooded during Hurricane Sandy, but that hasn't stopped developers from building.

The street in front of One John Street. (Photo by Gary He)

According to The Real Deal, Alloy Development has now listed "its biggest penthouse at One John Street for $8.8 million... one of the most expensive condo units in Brooklyn to date," if you're going by square-foot pricing.


On top of all that square-footage, it will also have 27 windows, so when Mother Nature delivers its next wrathful tide, whoever lives here will have a fantastic view. This penthouse is perfect for Instagramming... The End of Civilization.

Paul Giamatti in DUMBO. (Marc Yearsley/Gothamist)

And since penthouses are traditionally on the top of the building, the lucky owner will live longer than those in much smaller units below.


Pro tip: This unit in the building is only $5.6 million, and comes with a sweet outdoor space.