Bryant Park Movie Nights are returning, so hopefully you have already started sewing your frankenblanket together in order to secure a large swath of land for you and your friends. This year they've parted ways with longtime sponsor HBO, however, and instead hitched their cinematic wagon to Netflix. And the new partnership is showing, if the Adam Sandler classic Big Daddy is any indication. On the upside, we’re getting some titles that have not been in constant rotation on our outdoor summer movie screens for years, like, say, Top Gun (which is on at least one screen every year)

Here's what else is coming up on to a very crowded lawn in Midtown this summer:

  • June 10: Big
  • June 17: Big Daddy
  • June 24: Fan Choice TBD
  • July 1: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
  • July 8: Carrie (1976)
  • July 15: Bad Boys
  • July 22: Coming To America
  • July 29: Goodfellas
  • August 5: Anchorman
  • August 12: Fan Choice TBD

Another change for "New York’s Longest-Running Free Outdoor Summer Movie Series" this year is that there will be a new 40-foot high-definition LED screen, and they've also got "the iconic California sparkling wine, Chandon" secured as a partner, should you choose to purchase alcohol on-site instead of, you know, stuffing some in your picnic basket.

Start stretching for the first lawn rush of the season!