Future two-term president (of SOVIET RUSSIA AMIRITE) Bernie Sanders appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's comedy program last night, where he espoused the virtues of anarcho-syndicalism while repeatedly banging his shoe on Jimmy's desk, or something; I didn't watch the segment because I was too busy filing noise complaints against various neighbors who spent the evening screaming at their televisions for some inane reason. But I did catch this clip of Bernie Sanders impersonating Larry David, and it is a pleasant unit of content I would like to share with the world wide interwebs:

Sure, Senator Sanders chose to impersonate David with the most common, done-to-death catchphrase, but you've got to admit he nailed the word "GOOD." In case you missed it, David made a surprise cameo on Saturday Night Live last weekend, where he brought the house down with a Sanders impression that was gold, Jerry, gold.

Kimmel has been broadcasting from the Brooklyn Academy of Music all week; previous guests included Bill Murray, Ryan Adams, Jay Z, and Tracy Morgan, who took Kimmel to the Bronx Zoo. Kimmel rounds out his Kings County residency tonight with Bradley Cooper, and tomorrow night with Howard Stern and Public Enemy.