Is it wrong that when Gothamist heard that rapper DMX was arrested for an attempted carjacking at JFK Airport's car park, we found it less shocking and more, "Oh, that sounds like DMX"? We're not trying to excuse DMX's unlawful behavior, but it sounds like another entry into "Stupid Things Celebrities Do" (like Winona's shoplifting, Courtney's craziness, Whitney's pot-at-the-airport, Bennifer, Liza and David...). At 8PM last night, DMX and a friend arguing with a man whose car they were trying to steal when Port Authority police arrived. Teaneck resident DMX, aka Earl Simmons, and Jackie Hudgins were arrested for attempted robbery, criminal mischief, and criminal impersonation - yes, they tried to "pass themselves off" as FBI agents to cops. Hey, was DMX thinking he was in one of his movies?

The Daily News spotted "a man in his late 20s wearing baggy pants and lots of bling bling" at the airport police station who was there to bail DMX out; apparently DMX and friends were supposed to go Switzerland. DMX and Hudgins will be handed over the Queens' D.A. today.