Meow - Michelle Pffeifer, Catwoman of our times...for nowHollywood is all aflutter about the future of a Catwoman movie. Ever since Tim Burton's moody Batman Returns gave us Michelle Pffeifer slinking around with a whip, Catwoman seemed ideal for a franchise spin-off. Nine years later, Ashley Judd was tipped to be Catwoman last year, but now it officialshe won't be. Who's the next in line? Why Oscar nominee Nicole Kidman. (Yes, she was Chase Meridian in Batman Forever, but that was directed by Joel Schumacher and therefore I don't count it.) Coming Attractions thinks the project is in development hell, but I hope not - Owen Wilson is supposed to play a detective. I've read that the Catwoman movie will have a different backstory from Selina Kyle/Catwoman of Batman Returns - different name, different occupation. Which is cool, since Batman: The Animated Series gives a different backstory for Catwoman, though she was still Selina Kyle. And what's a Catwoman post without mentions of Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt?