As mentioned in our indispensable daily events newsletter, the 25-foot Egyptian god Anubis has taken over New York waters today. Officials insist this isn't some sort of Trojan Horse trick or signal that we are all going to be mummified soon—it's merely a promotional tool for the upcoming “Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs” exhibit (tickets on sale today!). The last time Tutmania hit the city was in 1979, when 1.8 million visitors flocked to see his treasures... and Steve Martin addressed the phenomena on Saturday Night Live, calling it a "national disgrace the way we have commercialized it with trinkets and toys, t-shirts and posters." Watch:

The statue is back near the Brooklyn Bridge right now, and a press conference with former Mayor Ed Koch (who was in office during the last exhibit), will be held at Pier 17 through 11 a.m. If you get a photo, send it in!

UPDATE: We're told the statue will be in storage for the next month and will then reappear when the exhibit opens. Anubis may even get a Twitter account so it's easier to follow his whereabouts!