DUUUUUUUDE it is ON. Spraypaint a giant red "X" on your calendar where it says December 12th, unless you use your cellphone's calendar, in which case you'll want to make sure the screen has one of those protective skins on it before you paint that "X" on it. (I learned this one the hard way.) Why December 12th? Oh, just a little charitable fundraising event called SantaCon! "This is awesome":

"This is amazing":

"This is really gonna make a difference":

Last year, after some city officials urged local bars to ban SantaCon participants, the NYPD seemed poised to crack down on Santas' disorderly conduct. But civil rights attorney Norman Siegel intervened on SantaCon's behalf, and the drunken flashmob proceeded apace—and in the midst of a massive political demonstration against police brutality. (See nauseating video above.) Now, according to SantaCon's website, on December 12th it's "TIME TO PAINT THE TOWN RED AND WHITE THE ELVES & I HAVE BEEN TINKERIN’ IN DA TOYSHOP, WE’RE COOKIN’ UP SOMETHING BRAND NEW THIS YEAR."

If that bracing caps lock bomb threat didn't get you in SantaCon spirit, take a few minutes read Lauren Evans's brave report from the front lines of SantaCon 2014. Forewarned is forearmed.