Half and Full. (Photos via mrgeneko's flickr and michaelnyc's flickr)

Every year the sun aligns perfectly with the city's grid on four separate occasions, an event first named and noticed by super intelligent human Neil deGrasse Tyson. It is nature's gift to New York City, a testament to our smart grid system, and an obsession of Instagrammers (née photographers). The few harmonious moments that the Manhattanhenge sunset lasts for really connects our urban terrain to something bigger, and if you can find an intersection to appreciate it in that isn't overrun by people holding up their iPhones, it's beautiful. In fact, deGrasse Tyson has declared it to be "a unique urban phenomenon in the world, if not the universe."

Manhattanhenge really snuck up on us this year—we hadn't seen any new dates on the AMNH's website, so we reached out to them to make sure it was still happening? That we didn't kill Manhattanhenge with global warming or overdevelopment or something? We have been reassured by the Museum that it is still on, and this morning they gave us the dates and (military) times:

Half Sun
May 29 20:12
July 12 20:20

Full Sun
May 30 20:12
July 11 20:20

As an encore, there will be a Manhattanhenge talk with astrophysicist Jackie Faherty on the 12th, with a special presentation at the Hayden Planetarium.