The Staten Island Ferry makes an appearance.

After "underoos" swung his way into millions of comic book movie fans' hearts last summer in Avengers 2.5: Captain America: Civil War: Maybe We Should Also Include Iron Man In This Title Somehow?: Age Of Ant-Man, the third (and youngest) iteration of Spider-Man is back in the first trailer for his new movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming. And this Peter Parker (played by the excellent Tom Holland) is back in high school, obsessing about typical teenager stuff like crushes (Liz Allen, not Mary Jane Watson, this time around), science fairs, and joining The Avengers. Sure, most teens don't get mentored by Tony Stark, but the MGMT soundtrack seems pretty right-on.

But wait, there's more! While that US trailer was premiered on Jimmy Kimmel last night, the international trailer also was released online, and it is almost like a completely different trailer! They trade the MGMT for a "Black Skinhead" rip-off for the soundtrack, and we get a better look at the villain, The Vulture (played by Birdman himself, Michael Keaton), as well as his probable associate, Shocker (played by Fargo's Bokeem Woodbine). (As some Redditors pointed out, The Tinkerer is also likely in the movie, and he seems to have brought Donald Glover with him.)