Did our Jared Leto Fan Club Membership expire? Because no one told us about the former Jordan Catalano busking sans Frozen Embryos (seriously, where's Tito?) all over New York City. Would have totally skipped school for this! Luckily, co-worker and now Forever Friend Ben Yakas spotted the videos below in what he called a "random" YouTube search. Click play, and your eardrums will grow hands, sharpen a shiv out of thin air, and puncture themselves until the noise stops.

Did you see Leto tapping into his acting skills in that one? Holding his hand up and passionately making a fist which he then closes on to his heart? That's the stuff. And here's Leto acting like he's a regular ol' big city busker, down in the subway system:

And more more more forever:

If you see him out there, please request "Red":