The documentary Good Ol' Freda, centered around the teenage secretary of The Beatles, was named after a snippet from the band's 1963 Christmas record, which they made annually for their fan club. On the record, after George Harrison thanks Freda ("Nobody else has said anything about our fan club secretary... Freda Kelly in Liverpool"), the other Beatles are heard yelling in the background: "Good ol' Freda!" This audio runs over the opening credits of the documentary (which we have mentioned before: you can watch on Amazon!). That was their first Christmas album, and six more would follow. Below you can listen to all of them (each one features both banter and music) from 1963 through 1969—things get expectedly next level in 1967, around the time they were visiting the Maharishi and things were Getting Weird.

Following the final 1969 album, an LP compilation of all seven was released in 1970. [via OpenCulture]







1969 (featuring Yoko, who predicts peace and freedom in the 1970s, when "everyone will just be flying around")