A bunny collector from Florida. (Photo by Julie Grace Immink/LAist)

This week was "good" because I decided not to look at you-know-who's Twitter feed. Don't tell me what he did! LalalalalaLALALAAAA here are five good things that happened this week when absolutely nothing awful was being done to, say, healthcare, by, say, old white men who don't think lady folk need mammograms.

  • 10-year-old Haden is selling his drawings over on his lawn in North Carolina. The money he raises goes towards buying toys for his younger brother Max, who suffers from a rare nerve and tumor disorder. "If he's happy, I'm happy," he said. If only more adults were like Haden.
  • Pope Francis allegedly declared: "Water is needed to live, but wine expresses the abundance of the banquet and joy of the celebration. Wine is necessary for celebration." And every day, my friends, is a celebration.
  • A firefighter in California spent 20 minutes performing CPR on a dog who was rescued from a burning building AND IT WORKED. The dog is alive. "He's a life and he's a life that matters," said firefighter Andrew Klein through his well-groomed handlebar mustache.
  • Joe Biden met a dog named Joe Biden, and the 4-month-old golden retriever licked the former VP right on the face. If Joe Biden were a dog, I think we can all agree he would definitely be a golden retriever, the most loving and loyal of pups.
  • And finally, Michelle Obama re-emerged on social media to share this photo of Bo and Sunny enjoying the first day of Spring. Remember Bo and Sunny? Remember the Obamas? Remember America? Good times.

ICYMI, here are some pleasant and original stories from around the -ists that were published this week: