This is a photo of Brigitte Bardot running barefoot on the sands at Cannes in 1956. It came up when I searched Getty Images for "happiness." (Getty)

Here we are again, closing out another week under the insane "leadership" of President Bannon and his dangerously daft sidekick Donald J. Trump. But forget those clowns for two minutes, and allow me to remind you that many humans on this planet are kind and loving and rational and don't want to blow us up. Sure, it'd be nice if one of those people had the nuclear codes, but until they do we need to preserve our sanity. Here are five enjoyable, non-political, good things that happened this week out there in America:

  • Utahns—that is apparently what people from Utah are called!—gathered to see the largest owl in the world, the Great Gray Owl, after someone spotted the rare bird while driving to work. "I just looked to the side of the road and... it was absolutely incredible. It was sitting there perched so calmly."
  • A NYC sanitation worker got out of his vehicle to help an old man with a cane across the street.
  • Two cat siblings were reunited when their humans met on Tinder and started dating.
  • Barack Obama tweeted a Valentine's message to his wife Michelle, but I think it was also to remind us all that there are kind, good, loving humans around still.
  • Speaking of real men and real Americans, Bruce Springsteen shared an audio excerpt from his recent autobiography—it tells the story of how he proposed to his wife Patti.

By the way, did you ever read this article about how President Trump was inevitable, and is essentially a "vehicle that will finally take down right-wing conservative politics for a generation or two"? There's some hopeful stuff in there. Here's an excerpt that feels good to read aloud, try it: "I think the backlash will be fast and furious. And it won’t just be Trump that goes down — it will be large swaths of conservative Republicans who will be almost helpless to stop Trump or distance themselves from him." Yeah, that's the stuff.

We are publishing one of these every Friday, so if you see something nice happen during the week, please let us know (and subject your email: good things).