Ben got a puppy and brought it to the office and it was a good day. (Photo by Ben Yakas)

This week, President Brump (we're still working on Trump and Bannon's couple name) marked their one month anniversary in office. And yes, it has felt much, much longer than that. Also, a peach tree was stolen from a home on Blueberry Lane in my old hometown. What is happening to the world and its people? Don't let the madness take over your mind, though—there are still good humans in the world, and good animals too; learn about what some of them did this week:

  • Ellen DeGeneres (and Walmart) gifted the class of 2017 at Brooklyn's Summit Academy Charter School four-year college scholarships to any State University of New York school. Ellen is the best.
  • These ducks got married and promised "to keep each other warm in good times and in bad times.” We can learn something from these ducks.
  • An old woman got lost, and a cop held her hand and walked her home. That is some heartwarming stuff right there.
  • A young transgender man nervously confided in his grandmother, telling the 86-year-old that he wanted to "be a boy." To which his perfect grandmother gave her full support, and responded, "We’d all like to be a man, because they’ve got a better life than us."
  • In other good news, baby antelopes exists and they are adorable:

We are publishing one of these every Friday, so if you see something nice happen during the week, please let us know (subject line: good things).