This morning we brought you photos of the greenest residential block in Brooklyn, as decided by the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. In a ceremony earlier today, winners in all the other categories were announced, with borough president Marty Markowitz and a slew of other local pols all there to cheer on the winners.

This year 200 contenders from 25 neighborhoods—aided by 20,000 citizens!—vied for their chance to be crowned the greenest of them all. Winners were awarded in categories like Best Street Tree Bed and Greenest Storefront, with judging criteria including color, variety and sustainability, and also citizen participation. Marilyn Gelber, president of The Brooklyn Community Foundation, summed it up best, saying, "Brooklyn ain't about artisanal cheese, it's about what happens on the block."

Click through to admire the winning greenery from businesses and streets around the borough.