Ho! Thanksgiving is OVER, time to talk about Christmas! Christmas Trees, specifically. With Black Friday upon us, an army of Quebecois is making its way into our fine metropolis, eager to sell hundreds of thousands of tree carcasses to New Yorkers who don't actually have room for them in their apartments. So where to find these migrant tree vendors? Good question.

The weird thing about tree vendors in the city is that when you don't need a tree they are everywhere and when you do need a tree they are nowhere to be found. Which is why we here at Gothamist like to make a crowd-sourced map of tree vendor locations each year—Here's last year's map. But we need your help! If you spot a tree vendor note its location (PLEASE INCLUDE BOROUGH AND CROSS STREETS!) and send it to us at GothamistChristmasTrees@gmail.com. We hope to a map up and running in the next few days. And if you get a pic of the vendor, all the better.

Together we can make sure that nobody has to go further to buy their tree than absolutely necessary!