The students at I.S. 171 in Cypress Hills/East New York need $38,000 in order to have a band for one school year—this goes towards music instructors ($29,750), a program director ($3,200), a site director ($2,315), and administrative overhead ($2,735). While the program was up and running for the past three years following a long silent spell, their instruments are currently locked back in the closet collecting dust. With that, a fundraising campaign has been set up to give the students back their music program (some had even received scholarships into the jazz program at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music through it), and you can contribute—here's a tearjerker of a story to help you loosen those pursestrings:

When the program ended at the end of the last school year, one 12-year-old boy asked, “Do I have to give my trombone back?” The staff said yes, and explained that the instruments belonged to the school. The boy handed over his trombone but, as he did, he burst into tears. His family, like almost all families at IS 171, does not have enough money to rent an instrument.

So far they've raised $600 of $15,000, with 36 days left.

[h/t Reddit]