New York has many movie theaters, but it only has one Anthology Film Archives—and the East Village institution needs your help. After all, running one of the largest archives of avant-garde and experimental film in the world isn't easy in the age of 3D spectaculars, stadium-seating, and giant bland multiplexes. Luckily, helping them out won't cost you much—and could work out pretty nicely for you. Cause who doesn't want to visit the tightly-sealed set of Boardwalk Empire (and maybe see how they do their crazy VFX in person).

On Monday, June 25, the Archives are holding their annual Film Preservations Honors and Benefit at the Standard's High Line Room and Terrace. At $175 the tickets for that aren't exactly cheap, but that's okay. You don't have to buy a ticket to the benefit to enter into the Anthology's raffle—and that's where the fun is.

Raffle tickets are going for $25 a pop (or $100 for five) and give you a chance to win some pretty sweet prizes. For instance? Martin Scorsese has offered up a visit for two to the set of Boardwalk Empire. Or, you could win a chance to have a private screening at Anthology of either your own film or one of the thousands in their library (they've got 20,000+ films and 5,000+ videos in there) and that's not all. The prizes go on to include VIP tickets to the Colbert Report, movie memorabilia donated by Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates, and more. You can buy your raffle tickets right here. And if you win the free screening—don't forget to invite us, mmkay?