hb_sticker.gifLast year Red Hook venue The Hook shut down, leaving the unique space empty. Luckily, some new folks came in, slapped a new name on it and have reopened the place this weekend. The name, Hello Brooklyn, might not roll off the tongue quite as nicely, but let's see what they have in store for 18 Commerce Street.

The 6200 sq. ft. space will host "live performances, unique corporate events, video/photo shoots, and private engagements." There have also been some renovations, and it will now include a "plush new upstairs and downstairs interior, an upgraded, state-of-the-art sound and lighting system, and a refurbished outdoor space with a newly added bar." The new owners, Sugar Factory alum Craig "Knoki" Fyffe and Cesar CeDillo say they searched for the perfect space for four years, and want Hello Brooklyn "to be known as a performance space with a lot of cultural and community events in Red Hook - we're not just another nightclub, we're an all-inclusive event space."

Last night's celebration was in the form of a dance party and Sunday they're throwing an all-ages backyard BBQ. Which one will The Real World cast go to?!