2005_02_wutheringhigh2.jpgRemember when you saw Clueless, and thought, "Damn, this is so awesome, and I also wish that this had been around when I was in high school so I could have enjoyed reading Emma more?" Well, some crafty producers have taken Emily Bronte's brooding novel, Wuthering Heights, put its characters into high school, channeled the hallmarks of '80s high school movies and a la peanut butter sandwiches, and you've got Wuthering High. Its press release explains:

"When fate, in the form of a high school science project, pairs Catherine Earnshaw with the richest boy in school, she chooses popularity over Heathcliff, her best friend and unrequited lover. The resulting melee leaves one principal in jail, one princess in England, one poet in military school, one outsider insane, and two geeks in love. It's High School as only Emily Bronte could have imagined it."

Gothamist has a feeling Emily Bronte would have been a goth girl in high school. Anyway, one of the writers of Wuthering High is also good Gothamist friend, the extremely famous Jonathan Van Gieson, who promises to have you snickering in recognition of plot points, 80s movie references, and how you might have acted in high school.

Buy Wuthering High tickets online (tickets are just $15, and the show ends on February 26), read Wuthering Heights online, and the Wuthering High crew got a nice write-up in the Daily News yesterday.