Just because we are fans of Gus, the formerly depressed polar bear at the Central Park Zoo, we want to bring your attention to the Times story of how the zoo's polar bears were keeping cool in the heat. Unlike humans, they do not get upset when the subway's power is out or when the thunder and lighting prevent them from watching TV (thanks, satellites!). Instead, Gus and Ida cope with not living in their natural habitat by swimming, hanging out in air-conditioned areas and enjoying frozen treats ("ice pops with chunks of frozen salmon"). But much like humans, they LOVE whipped cream. It seems that there will be a cook-off between Rachael Ray and a zoo keeper to see who can prepare a better meal fit for a polar bear (think "Ursus Chef"), and the ingredients on hand include whipped cream and tilapia. But that doesn't mean you should bring Reddi-Wip with you the next time you're at the zoo.

And check out the Central Park Zoo's penguins, via this webcam.