Earlier today Saturday Night Live guitarist Jared Scharff alerted the masses that he'd be guest guitar-solo-ing at Mercury Lounge this Friday, January 4th, at a show dedicated to Weezer's Blue Album.

The man behind the night is musician Robert Cooper, who told us this isn't the first time they're bringing the Blue Album back to a live setting—"It started about a year ago as my band and I decided it would be fun to cover an album in its entirety... We had asked a few friends what album they thought we should do and my buddy Julian mentioned Weezer's Blue Album. I think we all had an inner moment of 'yeah...that'd be pretty sick.' We decided to wear cardigans and thick-rimmed glasses as a tribute to their 'Buddy Holly' video."

This afternoon Scharff told us for his part he plans to "play some classic River Cuomo solos!" And Cooper accurately notes, "The guitar solos on this album are a lot of fun to play and very identifiable/iconic from 90's rock albums." So if you're craving some '90s nostalgia rock, get your tickets here.